Did you know 25% of chemicals in the cleaning products used in schools are toxic and contribute to poor indoor air quality, smog, cancer, asthma, and other disease? There is a better way to clean - use green cleaning products.

DIY: The Cleaning for Healthy Schools Toolkit is a free "do-it-yourself" tool on how to find and phase in the use of certified green cleaning products that are proven to work and to save money. Listen to the archived presentations. Then teach others. Create your own handouts by accessing free customizable files.


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general information: defining 'green'; cost-benefits; model state policies

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New York State agencies report no new costs
The Health Show: Green Cleaning for Health and Profit

Find Certified Products
Green Seal
New York State Approved

What Is/Is NOT Green

American Public Health Association convention 2010: panel on green washing
Consumer Reports Eco-Labels Review
EPA's Design for Environment Labeling Issues
New York State Agencies' Review
NGO Review: Full Disclosure Needed


Module I General Audience: What is Cleaning for Healthy Schools? - Keeping schools clean, child and worker health, asthma, chemical hazards, green cleaning
Module I Audio
Module II Workers: Chemicals: your health and right to know - Workers, personnel, parents, OSHA, MSDS, labels, right to know
Module II Audio
Module III About Buildings: Getting Started: The School Building Walk-Through - Building walk-through, special needs, advanced equipment
Module III Audio
Module IV

School Leaders: What schools need to know - Keep dirt out, child and worker health, chemical hazards, asthma, third-party certified products and advanced equipment
Module IV Audio

New Reports:
Disinfecting & Sanitizing in Child Care Centers
Disinfection: Tips from CT DPH
Seven Sins of Green Washing
Tips for Nontoxic Cleaning at Home

National Collaborative Work Group on Green Cleaning and Chemical Policy Reform in Schools




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